Welcome to the New Boa Forum

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Welcome to the New Boa Forum

Post by TrueLocalityJewels » 02 Oct 2019 01:10

Hello everyone 🐍🐍🐍

Welcome to the new international boa forum pure-locality-boas. In this forum we are only interested in pure locality boas.
No morphs at all, not even "pure morphs".

When Facebook deleted more and more snake groups without any warning I came up with the idea of creating this forum. My thought was to get Back to the Roots. Just like in the good old days before Facebook appeared. About 10 years ago I already had two snake forums which where a lot more interesting in my opinion. They had more of a family attitude to them.

Because of the Facebook groups I think that a lot of quality and good conversations have gone lost. That's another thing I would like to change with the help of this forum. I don't mind that I invested a lot of my time and money for this project. I just want to make sure that we boa lovers have a "safe place" for the future. Here we can enjoy our passion for pure locality boas together.

☝️☝️☝️ Please follow my requests:

-I would appreciate everyone to be active in this forum with posts and comments. It's a lot more fun to see someone wrote a nice comment to your post!
Otherwise we only have a lot of views and no conversations.

-There is no fighting or cussing allowed. Clarify this per pm or email
-No posts from morphs are allowed. Only boas in there natural appearance.

-Sale offers or only in the category classifieds allowed.

I wish all members of the pure locality boas forum lots of fun... 🤙🤙🤙

Best regards Udo (Founder from this Forum)
Best Regards Udo from True Locality Jewels

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